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Supermedia Entertainment

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Supermedia specializes in audiovisual and multimedia communication services that are indispensable in the marketing of your company’s brand. Since its inception, Supermedia has successfully promoted a wide variety of events: sports, political, cultural, musical…


Our marketing strategies include live TV broadcast using our own resources and the design and implementation of headers, specialized graphics and animations, designed by our qualified professional team of professionals. Clients like Televisión Española, Teledeporte, Canal +, and the NBA have relied on our services, as have local business, including Unicaja, the City of Malaga, and the Department of Provincial y Turismo Andaluz. Public relations campaigns, televisión programming – both creative and documentary—web designs, social media branding and an exclusive mobile unit for broadcast via streaming (pioneer in this technology), are only some of our endeavours.

Otra línea de negocio es la formación. The Big Picture (, la escuela del grupo, se encuentra a la vanguardia en cuanto a método y medios que se emplean en la docencia de efectos visuales y motion graphics.



At Supermedia we undertake postproduction of advertisements and short and full-length films, as well as the necessary visuals or composition such as matte painting, 3D, camera tracking or after effects.



We at Supermedia are proud to provide specialized services related to inphography, graphic design and 3D production: enhanced imaging, 3D videos, floor plant, conceptual art, and interior design. The result of such work promotes a better understanding of the projects and is a strong sales tool. Starting with a two dimensional plane we produce a three dimensional image that will demonstrate the project once completed. The degree of detail achieved by Supermedia professionals in this type of work makes it almost impossible to distinguish the digital images from the real ones.

The results are easily adaptable to all kinds of media, such as insertion of images in web pages, creating animated videos for inclusion in a web site or for its distribution via DVD or other types of media.

Through these means, the Supermedia team offers its clients the opportunity to visualize the outcome of their projects using the latest digital techniques. Supermedia offers a wide array of graphic design services as a communications vehicle: graphic design in advertising, editorial design, corporate identity, web design and multimedia.