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The Big Picture

The Big Picture School is the result of years of experience of our staff who are specially trained in advertisement, movies, television, and interactive visuals. The courses are structured to cover the different fields, using a teaching method that combines active participation in ongoing projects with traditional teaching methods.

Our Master programmes and courses provide students with a comprehensive, industry-oriented curriculum that cover both theory and hands-on experience. We have expert teachers for every subject and we take you from “a” to “z” with no gaps. Why? Because we believe that people have many different reasons for seeking training in this specialty, we personalize your education to your individual interests.

We train our students in technical and artistic subjects as well as in conceptual ideas and creativity. We teach you how to think and take on challenges. At The Big Picture School our students will not be trained as workers in an assembly line but as professionals that can apply their artistic and conceptual criteria to their work with an exhaustive knowledge of innovative software tools. In our Masters degree programme we teach you how to illustrate, shoot film, create 3D modeling and animation, simulate atmospheric effects and create amazing special effects. But the best part is that in addition to instruction, you will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects.

Student activities follow strict criteria of artistic direction because we believe that the quality of your work is the key to achieving your goal. That is why we combine academic work with our own production work so your reel will have a professional touch.


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